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Solely focussed on
Support Coordination

Bringing your NDIS plan to life

Do you want your Support Coordinator to think creatively, act swiftly and achieve results?

Would you like to better understand how to navigate the "NDIS world?"

Are you looking for someone who is knowledgeable, experienced and can bring your NDIS plan to life?

Are you looking for a consistent and committed Support Coordinator?

Are you facing challenges that you are finding difficult to overcome?

​​Do you wish to get the very best out of your NDIS plan?

We do it all!

We are a small, boutique NDIS provider serious about Support Coordination and determined to make things happen as we back up our words with actions! Keeping our commitments, being responsive, timely and reliable, that is very important to us. 

With years of experience in the disability field and navigating the "NDIS world" we are your guide to the community with knowledge and experience to connect you with the right supports and services and to bring your NDIS plan to life.

We will work with you to:

  • Brainstorm together, thinking creatively about the many possibilities and ways we could reach your goals
  • Have total choice and control around the services and supports your wish to have in your life
  • Explore options and connect you with NDIS, community and mainstream services
  • Set up agreements with service providers that work for YOU, help you to understand the agreements and solve problems that may come up along the way 
  • Better understand the flexibility of your NDIS plan and creative ways you can use your funding to smash your goals
  • Create a plan and budget forecast for the various services we engage; monitor your budget and make sure your NDIS funding is all spent in the best way possible!

Our values

  • Back up our words with actions
  • Think and act creatively
  • Be Reliable
  • Be Genuine
  • Think & act without barriers
  • Be energetic, passionate & enthusiastic