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Support Coordination

The NDIS is a whole new world that can be quite confusing and difficult to navigate on your own. From understanding your plan, setting and following a budget for your funding, finding the services and supports you need, negotiating and starting new services with providers, solving problems that inevitably come up and so much more.

You can rest assured that your support coordinator is dedicated and experienced. We're all about taking action and thinking "outside the box" to achieve your goals not allowing barriers or challenges to slow us down. We believe in quality & that is why we choose to specialise in Support Coordination only, focusing 100% on providing you with the very best service possible.

We can help you:


Help you to undertsand your NDIS plan and funding. Brainstorm with you how you could use the funding as well as access non-funded supports

Build Skills

Develop your capacity and skills to better understand the NDIS and its procedures


Assist you to implement your plan; access NDIS, non-NDIS, mainstream community supports and specialised services. Think outside the box to meet your needs & goals

Optimise Funding

Plan and organise your NDIS budget and funding. Ensure your funding is spent in the best possible way.

Have Choice & Control

Provide a range of choices and options for you to choose from. Guide and support you in choosing the services you wish to engage and assist in successfully commencing services.You control it all!

Problem Solve

Assist in problem solving and overcoming barriers that may arise. Negotiate with services to ensure your needs and wishes are being met and goals are being accomplished

Achieve Goals

Monitor progress towards your goals & assist in making changes to services when needed. Ensure services are progressing towards & achieving goals

Complete Applications & Reviews

Support and assist you with applications for NDIS plan annual reviews, early reviews, assistive technology requests and more

Do you have Support Coordination in your plan?

Check your NDIS plan if you have been given funding for a Support Coordinator which should be written as "Level 2 Support Coordination" If so and you wish to get started, call us now!

If you have your plan but don't have Support Coordination, you can request a review with the NDIA for that support. You will need to make a case for why you need Support Coordination, as it is a service only given to those who have been determined to need extra assistance to coordinate their plan as they may not be able to do it on their own (so be sure to really consider all the reasons why you need this service and make a strong case for yourself if you put in a plan review and request for it)

Support Coordination is primarily funded to help build a participant's knowledge of the scheme & ability to manage their own supports with the expectation that the need for Support Coordination will lessen over time as the participant and their support network become more capable and confident to manage their own supports.

If you have not yet had your planning session or you are preparing for your annual review, you can request for Support Coordination to be included in your plan. Discuss with your NDIA planner or LAC why you feel you need the support such as your need to better understand the NDIS and how to use and implement the plan.